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ASP World Surfing Awards…Best Acceptance Speech Ever

Oscars, no.

Academy Awards, try again.

MTV Australia, never seen it, but not likely.

The best acceptance speech I’ve ever seen came from ASP Champion Joel Parkinson last night at the ASP World Surfing Awards.  Yes, surfing awards.  I didn’t even know this existed until yesterday.  You know it’s good when the guy giving the speech asks for a water and is brought a Corona instead.

It had everything you would want in a speech.  Cursing, crying, and just plain raw emotion.  You always hear about how winning a title for the first time is like “getting the monkey off your back.” But for Joel this was different.  It was what winning and competing should be about.  His statement, “it’s 20 years of memories” visualized a deep appreciation for everyone that had helped him earn the right to be called champ.

Personally, I had never been much of Parko fan.  For no real reason, just never followed him that much.  But if you aren’t a fan after watching his speech, (which I will post below) then you’re hating just to hate.

Traveling with family constantly has to be tough.  Sometimes just living in the same house is strenuous.  When Parko begin to talk about and thank his family, he got partway through it, put his head down saying, “I don’t want to cry.”

When talking about pushing his young son into waves the emotions came out again but where lightened by the quote of the night from Joel, “I must have my period.”

The heaviest part came when it came to thanking his wife, who he said has basically done the tour with him since the beginning with their children.  Emotions ran high again causing Parko to do what most men seem obligated to do after crying, which is to say, “I’m sorry.”

My exact thoughts were spoken by someone in the crowd,”You’re alright.”

Here is a link to the video until I can find a way to embed it.  Parko’s part starts at 1 hour 16 minutes.